Warm olives, lemon zest, fennel, chili 4
Arancini, wild mushroom, parmesan, ranch aioli 4 / ea
Calabrese salami toast; romesco sauce, manchego 6.5 / ea
24 month prosciutto, toasted focaccia, garlic butter 18
Burrata cheese, confit tomato, basil pesto, sourdough 18



Crunch salad; romaine, arugula, cucumber, lime, pistachio, crema 16
Manitoba beets, chevre, citrus, hazelnut, local honey, ginger, dill 16
Roasted cauliflower, manchego, brown butter, capers, almonds 19
Brussels sprouts, apple, horseradish, mascarpone, walnuts, mint 16



Wild mushroom risotto, cauliflower, pine nuts, spruce tip butter, pecorino 23
Canadian lobster carbonara; spaghetti, pancetta, parmesan, egg yolk 25
Ricotta gnocchi, black boar bacon, brown butter, oven-dried tomatoes, basil 23
Campanelle pasta, short rib ragu, black truffle, mascarpone, parmesan 23



Tuna carpaccio, fennel, cucumber, orange, crema, miso, potato chips 20
Beef tartare, black truffle aioli, spicy mustard, brown butter sourdough 20
Roasted Spanish octopus, black romesco, salsa verde, baby potato 23
24 hour short rib, crisp potato, dijon mascarpone, pickled vegetables 25 



Dark chocolate tart, espresso dulce de leche, sea salt, olive oil   9
Lemon cheesecake, warm lavender butterscotch sauce 9                                                                                                                                                                                         


Our menu is sharing plates/family style.

The chefs will prepare your food and send the dishes out one item at a time for you to enjoy together.

We are so happy to have you here.


  • choose 1 veg/salad 

  • choose 1 pasta 

  • choose 1 meat (or choose an extra veg if you prefer)

  • choose 1 dessert

  • choose 1 bottle of wine

wines to choose from

white:  Le Petit Chat White / Roussanne, Grenache Blanc / France

red:  Fabrizio Red / Nero d'avola / Sicily

sparkling:  Castellblanc Cava Extra Brut / Spain