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The menu is sharing style.

The chefs will prepare your food and send the dishes out one item at a time for you to enjoy together.


snacks | spuntini
warm castelvetrano olives, citrus oil 5
toasted sourdough bread with brown butter 4/8
add balsamic and olive oil 3
burrata, pesto calabrese, toasted sourdough 18
arancini, crimini mushroom, green goddess 7/ea
salami toast, soppressata, romesco, manchego 7.5/ea
chorizo-spiced meatballs, tomato, ricotta, parm  16

salad & vegetables | verdure & contorni

green salad; apple, celery, crema, marcona almonds, italian dressing 18
warm beets, chevre, grapefruit, salsa verde, pickled beet, pistachio 18
brussels, pear mostarda, horseradish, walnuts, hemp hearts, mint 18

meat, seafood | carne, frutti di mare
tuna crudo, brown butter, capers, orange, celery root, potato chips 24
calamari fritti, sun dried tomato, roasted garlic aioli, charred lemon 24
beef tartare, sourdough, cornichon, egg, mustard, creme fraiche 24
chicken parm bianco; mozzarella, parmesan, fennel, buttermilk dip 21
spanish octopus, potato, romesco, pickled peppers, saffron aioli 27

pasta | gnocchi | risotto
hand-cut pappardelle, short rib ragu, gremolata, manchego 31
agnolotti, taleggio, butternut squash, sage, brandy, hazelnuts 25
spaghetti carbonara; pancetta, garbanzo, egg yolk, parmesan 25
baked gnocchi, tomato sauce, chorizo, ricotta, sesame seeds 25
roasted mushroom risotto, brown butter, pecorino, pangrattato 25
carbonara can be made with gluten-free pasta  3

sweets | dolci
dark chocolate tart, peanut butter dulce de leche, sea salt 12
lemon mascarpone cheesecake, warm lavender butterscotch 13
pistachio cream panna cotta, tosi milk crumb 11

The menu is all small/medium sharing plates.  

Dishes are prepared by the kitchen one course at a time for you and your guests to share.  

Table seating times are 2 hours for 2 people, 2.25 hours for 3, and 2.5 hours for 4 or more.
Thank you for being here.

Seating times are 2 hours for 2-3 guests, 2.5 hours for 4+.

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