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Happy ringing-in-the-new-time-of-year!

The Forks is planning for all kinds of nice family programming earlier in the evening.  
We will be doing an earlier dinner seating with start times (5pm, 515pm, 530 pm, 545pm.)
Our regular menu will be available then and we'll have some lovely new year's eve features on as well.

At 8pm, The Forks will be hosting live music. 
At that point, we will start serving snacks, small plates, wine, cocktails. 

You may book for the quieter, calmer part of the evening or the lively, musical part. 
Send us an email and we will reserve your spot.

Just let us know your ideal time, number of people in your party, your name, and cell phone number. 
We can't wait to celebrate a new beginning with you. 

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